The most common form of printing, screen printing uses a full-tone of color to create an image. Each color in the image is printed separately on its own screen. Stock or custom matched colors can be used. We can screen print on any color garment. We have expertise in using special inks to print on polyester and performance fabrics.


Digital printing utilizes the latest technology to provide a cost effective solution to printing smaller orders (less than 12 pieces) with multiple colors in the design. This process is also very useful for printing photographs on tee shirts.


High quality embroidery designs can be produced on our automatic, high-speed embroidery machines. We can use stock designs (football, American flag, etc) or create a custom logo for your organization. We can also embroider individual names and numbers. Embroidery is most often used on polo shirts, caps, and outerwear.


This is the process of utilizing pre-cut lettering or material to create a design that is sewn on the garment. Large tackle twill letters are frequently used for sweatshirts with the name of a school or team. Tackle twill numbers are often used for the numbers on sports uniforms.


If you’re looking for unique, cool or special graphics for your organization’s message, our art and printing departments have the experience to help you! There are hundreds of great graphics to choose from, or our artists will create something to your specifications. Would you like to print across a zipper? Or over a pocket? Or on a shoulder? Do you have an exact color that you want to match? We can do those things and more.


We offer over 700,000 choices for promotional products. Your logo or organization name can be imprinted on popular items such as mugs, pens, water bottles, keychains, magnets, and much more. If you can think of an item, it is probably available as a customized promotional item!